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Invoking The Feminine

Sean Weafer's new book 'Invoking The Feminine' is out today!

Through a young woman's grief for the loss of her mother she discovers an unexpected mentor in her father. Through him she is introduced to a world that she never knew existed - one in which the Feminine is strong. With her father's guidance an alternate path of reality is revealed to her and she finds strength in his wisdom and that of the Divine Feminine through her conversations with the three aspects of the Feminine - the Maiden (or Warrior), the Mother (or Healer) and the Crone (or Wise Woman - the Guardian of the Portal). On her journey she discovers not just a world of wonder but the nine keys to an inner strength within herself to face the world, deal with the loss of her mother and rise once more immersed in the power of the Feminine.

A must read and available now as an eBook on Amazon

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