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Our Leadership Coaching Programs enables successful leaders to achieve positive and measurable change in leadership behavior, influence and communications.

Is a system for continuous improvement for themselves and their teams.

Provides an accurate snapshot of leadership effectiveness right now:

We run 360 assessments, behavioral interviews and psychometric assessments with key stakeholders* to ensure that the leader has complete insight into leadership effectiveness and areas for development.


Provides an aspirational leadership model that is authentic to the individual’s leadership style and personality:

We work with the leader on defining their Authentic Leadership Model, articulating what they want to work towards as they develop their leadership brand in the organization.

Being individually tailored, here are just some of the areas that our program covers: 

  • Business Development Skills and Strategies to Accelerate and Grow Your Business or Practice

  • Leadership and Management Communications, Influence and Presence

  • Professional Focus and Confidence

  • Networking for Client and Stakeholder Access

  • Public Speaking, Pitch Presentation and Delivery

  • Getting the Best Out of a Business or Team

  • Returning to Work

  • Creating and Managing a Personal Brand

  • Strategizing for and Coping with Change

  • Changing Roles (First 100 Days) and Succession Planning

  • Executive and Leadership Presence for Women Leaders

*95% of leaders using Stakeholder Centered Coaching improved their effectiveness.


Our Coaching Program can be taken: 

1. As a stand-alone intervention — tailored specifically for you using the Discovery Call to meet your needs       as a leader or 

2. To complement our leadership training program and embedding the learnings from the program by supporting the leaders taking the program through their leadership transition and success.

Our certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered and G2S Coaching models are designed for successful leaders and managers who have been chosen by their organization as high potential leaders. With decades of proven experience coaching the world’s top leaders, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching has a clear picture of what leaders most want and need from executive coaching: essentially how to maximize both personal and business ROI. And our unique G2S coaching system - designed by Sean Weafer in 1997 - provides a highly structured and measurable process which identifies and consistently delivers on strategic and performance goals.

Simply reserve an initial confidential ‘no fee’ 60-minute session today

This is about an hour long and will walk you through our Code of Ethics, our definition of coaching, some of the specific models that we use to ensure your successful outcomes — and then a practical coaching exercise where your coach helps you to identify the critical two objectives that will make the most amount of change for you during the program. Just click below to book ...

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