Health & Wellbeing Consulting


I help individuals, teams and organisations by providing health and wellbeing consultations that

explores ideas

identifies perceived obstacles

generates solutions

sets objectives

implements action and

prioritises sustainable wellness



I specialise in one-to-one, team and stakeholder centred consulting that delivers measurable results and healthy sustainable personal and organisational shifts.

Gill Carrie, Health & WellBeing @

The Investor in People

'Gill builds empowering people experiences'

Gill Carrie

A simple ethos, approach and application, sits at the heart of all Gill does. Her entrepreneurship and wellness focus, with years of experiential client-centric businesses, reflects in her health & wellbeing consulting.

An entrepreneur and educator at the young age of 19 - Gill's people, business and educational skills were honed locally, nationally and globally over her 40 years experience in industry, business and education with major organisations, companies and brands - and one of the early recipients of the Investors in People Award for her own company.

Gill's curious mind, a love for business and a passion for health and wellbeing, highlights her continuous adaptability and diverse portfolio of holistic leadership and lifestyle management.

A proud mum of two amazing grown up sons, Gill is based in Scotland.

Gill Carrie

Holistic Leadership & Lifestyle Management


"Gill has an unerring ability to cut through fog and see a solution only a very few see at the first, or even second time, of asking. This is a quality she has used to guide her own remarkable business career. She possesses fierce intelligence and insight - is grounded and without pretension - and has that rarest of natural gifts ‘vision.’ "

Mike Stevenson, Founder of Thinktastic


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World #1 Leadership Thinker, Dr Marshall Goldsmith

and Creator of G2S® Coaching System, Sean Weafer 


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